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Traditional Fire Making

October 13, 2016

Program Details Start Time: 0800 XX/XX/XX Finish Time: 1700 XX/XX/XX Age Level: Adult program with a minimum age of 16 years old Program Cost: $200 per participant Program Description: Fire has played a crucial role in our human history and still continues to do so today. Just as our ancestors relied heavily on fire, we in the modern age do as well. Today, fire is just as important for our daily survival and comfort as it was thousands of years ago for our ancestors. Whether it be inside the engine of our vehicle, in a power station furnace or smelting…


Australia Day Heritage Village Market

January 20, 2016

Rocky Instincts wishes everyone a happy new year! We have been busy developing and refining our 2016 School Incursion package which is now called our “Basic Instincts” package. We have been busy recently attending schools including The Rockhampton Grammar School, Taranganba State School and Mount Archer State School. Malachi had a great time teaching the kids during the school holiday break and can’t wait to get into the school year starting soon. Rocky Instincts will be at the next Heritage Village Markets in Rockhampton on Australia Day from 8am to 1.30pm. Please come along, say hi and feel free to…


School incursions

January 20, 2016

Teaching and spreading the word about primitive and traditional skills is one of Rocky Instincts key missions. We have developed a new school incursion package called the “Basic Instincts” incursion that enables our demonstrations to be taken into the classroom to teach students various skills. Skills that are included in the incursion (depending on year level) include: Traditional fire making (including hand drill, bow drill and pump drill techniques) Natural cordage (rope) making Stone tools and artefacts Spear throwing Shelter building Basic Instincts Workshop Package                      Even bribery set to scenario Authentic Dee Milliner large…


Tours starting in 2016

January 10, 2016

In 2016 Rocky Instincts will be embracing our beautiful natural locations in the Rockhampton region and Capricorn Coast by introducing half day and 2 hour tours. Tours will include a guided bush walk through native bush settings and include the opportunity to watch and learn traditional skills. Please watch out for more information – our new brochure is coming soon. Tours are a great way to get a taste of what we do and learn the skills from a range of cultures. If you would like more information or to book a tour please contact us.

NAIDOC 2015 Rockhampton

June 29, 2015

Good afternoon! I know it’s been a while since my last post however we are working on keeping the website more up to date from now on. Please continue to watch this space for news and updates from us and also what is happening in Central Queensland including the events we will be attending. On the 10th of July we will be supporting our local NAIDOC celebrations by teaming up with FBEC (Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee) at the NAIDOC expo. We will be at the event from 11am at the Rockhampton cricket grounds to help the local kids learn about…