It is our belief that all people will enjoy the pursuit of the skills and knowledge described on this site. It is your right and our recommendation that you recover the link to your human heritage and enjoy the satisfaction and untold benefits from doing so. It is our desire that you do this safely and without injury. It is your responsibility to read and fully understand the following:

There are many inherent hazards and associated risks involved with the activities detailed and products sold on this site. There is a risk of severe injury, death and damage to property if these hazards and associated risks are not managed. It is your responsibility to research and make yourself, and those you expose to these hazards and associated risks, fully aware of them. Reading this disclaimer is no substitute for the necessary research and training involved in managing these hazards and associated risks. Safety precautions and the use of safety equipment is required to be implemented, by you, at your own expense and risk. It is your responsibility to abide by all the applicable laws and regulations in your area and to respect the environment and natural resources in a sustainable manner regarding all the activities described on this site. Rocky Instincts does not assume or accept any liability for damage to persons or property from the misuse of equipment or information available from this site. The management of your safety and criminal record is our concern but your responsibility. Stay safe and God bless.

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