7/8″ Diameter

Price: $15.00

Weight: 4.5 oz


Finish Work, Detail work



The Cadillac of boppers! These are constructed of a solid copper head and Delrin handle for a long lasting more durable tool. Handles are constructed of super tough black Acetal Delrin plastic, the same amazing material as Mark’s Ishi Sticks and pressure flakers. This billet has the same advantages as the Copper Bopper Billets but have a durable solid copper head that will hold up longer than you will. It’s a hybrid between the copper bopper billets and the Solid Copper Billets. More expensive due to machining costs of the handles and expensive copper. It boasts strong durability, accuracy, forgiveness to error and will out last any lead filled Copper Bopper Billet saving you money in the long run. These tools do not contain lead.

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