Recreating the past with Woppaburra

February 15, 2018

At the end of January a group of Woppaburra Elders and the team from Rocky Instincts made the trip over to North Keppel Island off the Central QLD coast to re-create a shelter, or Durra, from a photo taken (pictured below). The team managed to recreate the Durra in the Woppaburra style with (mostly) natural materials including paperbark. All natural materials were sourced from the island.

At the conclusion of the project the direct descendants of the children in the original photo sit in front of the Durra to recreate the iconic image. The Durra now is a permanent fixture on North Keppel Island at the Education Centre for all who visit to see and experience. We would like to thank the Woppaburra Elders for inviting us to be a part of the project – we were honoured to be entrusted with helping recreate history! For more information about the Durra please visit our Facebook page here.