Youth Development

January 10, 2014

Rocky Instincts teaches a wide range of skills including traditional fire making, fibre craft (natural rope), flintknapping (stone tools), bush tucker and plant identification, bush glue, traditional tool construction and much more.

Each of these skills provide participants with practical knowledge and a range of benefits including:

– increased self esteem
– links to cultural heritage
– perseverance and goal accomplishment
– exposure to the natural environment
– physical development including hand-eye coordination and general fitness
– using initiative and problem solving skills

Sessions are held within a flexible learning environment that accommodates for a wide range of participants.

Rocky Instincts has been involved with teaching the above skills to youth within diversionary and flexible learning programs in he Rockhampton region. Past programs have produced successful outcomes including successful re-engagement of at-risk and disengaged youth and positive feedback from participants and facilitators.

For more information about customising a youth development program and/or a schedule of rates please contact us.

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