Traditional Fire Making

October 13, 2016

Program Details

Start Time: 0800 XX/XX/XX

Finish Time: 1700 XX/XX/XX

Age Level: Adult program with a minimum age of 16 years old

Program Cost: $200 per participant

Program Description:

Fire has played a crucial role in our human history and still continues to do so today. Just as our ancestors relied heavily on fire, we in the modern age do as well. Today, fire is just as important for our daily survival and comfort as it was thousands of years ago for our ancestors. Whether it be inside the engine of our vehicle, in a power station furnace or smelting renewable energy components, the flickering flame is very busy even though it is often hidden. These days we practice making fire using things that we have purchased, generally these are items our society has needed fire to manufacture in the first place.

This program is designed to teach the participant a range of techniques and principals that will allow them to make fire reliably with or without modern materials:

Fire theory and safety
Fire Lays
Hand drill friction fire
Bow drill friction fire

This program offers an enjoyable day of hands on learning no matter what your reason for interest, there is something for everyone.